Payment reconciliation for Sales Return against Invoice


I used the payment reconciliation method to close an overdue Invoice with an open Sales return invoice, and it created a journal credit note which eventually closed the overdue Invoice; however, the Sales return invoice has become now overdue with an outstanding amount showing in the Sales Return Invoice document. Please check why this happens, although the reports shows correct balances - the reason we link the documents is to get rid of these paid Invoices showing overdue, and only show the unpaid Invoices as overdue or unpaid.

Below is the screenshot of the Sales return becoming overdue and with showing outstanding balances after being linked with an Invoice.

Did you get a solution for this?
i think this is a bug in system.
Outstanding amount should also settle after payment recon for return invoice and show 0
or a new status for return invoice should appear other than ‘Overdue’

Hi, yes I think it’s a bug and is fixed already. This case happened from Invoice and Payment reconciliation module. After the update, Credit Note was showing so I matched them with the Invoices which gave me this issue. But now, credit notes is not showing in the reconciliation module. Unfortunately, those CN I matched before with Invoices are still showing overdue.

Is this issue fixed in ver 13/latest update from erpnext?
I assume return invoices appear overdue after payment recon has been done is the issue.

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