Payment Reconciliation issue when exchange rate difference involves

Problem I explain with an example:

  1. One payment entry made to a supplier (Control Creditors A/c in USD currency) on last year financial accounting period.
    - USD 1,000 with the exchange rate 1 USD = Rs.12 (Rs. 12,000 paid)
  2. On current financial year a Purchase Invoice made for
    - USD 1,000 with the exchange rate 1 USD = Rs.10 (Rs. 10,000 credited)
  3. Now, making the Payment Reconciliation for this supplier
    - System will display the non-adjusted entries of these two transactions. Invoice is now adjusting to the payment.
    - As far as USD is concerned, the adjustment is done, But system will wait for an account to be mentioned for the difference in Rs. After mentioning the account system dose a wrong way of posting to the GL entry
    - The original (submitted) payment Entry on Debit side (this case) is split the amount into Rs 10,0000 on Creditors A/c and its GL Entry gets reposted
    - And other GL entry creates against the difference Rs 2000 on Account mentioned in Payment Reconciliation.

The issue is that the system is manipulating the accounts figures on back dated transactions. This is not at all acceptable 1. the previous year accounting would be closed and transferred the balance to the current year. 2. Auditors are not accepting for such mistakes in the accounting norms.

I am unable to create any alternative way to solve this issue even for making the customization method.

Can anyone has a solution to this?

Please help me to resolve.

Create accounting period.

  1. Define a time frame by setting Start and End Dates.
  2. Add or remove transactions from the table. Note that all transactions listed in the table will be frozen.

    You will see a prompt if you try to submit a transaction defined in the Accounting Period.

Hope this will help !

Thanks. But this will not solve my issue.

It is not the issue of closing the previous period where transactions pertaining to that period can be entered current year.

GL entry gets split by the system at the time of payment reconciliation if there is any exchange rate differs. You can try the flow as per the mentioned eg, if the time permits

Hi @prakash-avu, have you reviewed this??

Thanks a lot Suresh for identifying the method. Let me explore in detail…