Payment Reconciliation not working in version 13

After updating to version 13, payment reconciliation is not working properly. Pressing “Get Unreconciled Entries” neither load the invoices nor Payment entries. But going back to the page (without reloading it) shows the both invoices and payments. Even then it doesn’t load payments in DROPDOWN section as shown in the picture below.

ERPNext: v13.1.1 (HEAD)
Frappe Framework: v13.1.2 (HEAD)

Github Issue:


Any update on this?


We have created Purchase Invoice Save and Submit then Create Payment Entry as advances.

We want to use the Payment Recon to Reconcile the Purchase Invoice and Payment Entry

This has been fixed with the latest release.
Kindly update and check

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This issue is still not fixed as of ERPNext v13.9.2.