Payment Reconciliation using Journal Entry instead of Payment Entry

Hi all,
We have a custom app that uses Journal Entry for making payments against a custom doctype serving as an invoice. We are not able to use Payment Entry because its party type field is hardcoded to Customer and Supplier and we need payments made against a custom party.
Now, we want to reconcile advance payments made in Journal Entry with our custom doctype (outstanding invoice) but this is a bit difficult since the Payment Reconciliation tool is tied to the Payment Entry doctype.
Can someone please help me out with a way I can reconcile payments made in Journal Entry against invoices or make payments using Payment Entry for a custom party field.


You can check the link unreconciled payments via journal entry are also shown in the reconciliation tool

Thanks, will have a look

Pawan, that link times out. Can you point me in a new(er) solution/direction? I can find the principle in documentation but no examples of implementation. Thanks, Kate

Have updated the link in the old post