Payment report for bank

How do you get a “payment report” which shows how much you need to pay to each supplier each month and ideally also includes their bank details?

Regarding the payments that need to be made, you can look at the Accounts Payable report.

As for their bank info, you can store the same in the customer master using a new field.

Are you looking for a report (based on PINV) or trying to execute the payment according to ISO 20022 (pain.001)? As indicated above, the information is in the Accounts Payable report, but there are extensions to include pain.001 to directely execute the selected payments by a bank (e.g. refer to ERPNextSwiss

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies. Honestly - I don’t yet know what we will need and I’m just evaluating ERPNext as a possible solution. I just know there needs to be a way to make the actual bank payments.