Payment request email content

Can anyone explain how to change the default message in the Payment request email


You need to go to the Payment Gateway Account and change it there:

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Cheers Ben

I don’t suppose you know if this can be made to work from the quotation rather than sales order? It would make more sense (to me).

The way it is you have to make a sales order to be able to send the payment request. The problem then is that the sales order has a status of ordered, so staff would think it OK to process

I will comment on github, but thought I would ask here first in case I am missing something

I haven’t worked with the Sales Order stuff too much so I’m not familiar with that. Sorry.

It doesn’t look like this is still the case… at least for Stripe. Do you know where to update the default message now? I’d like to setup defaults for all email notifications that my team will be sending.


Anyone know how to update the message that is sent with a payment request for Stripe on ERPNext Cloud?

I stumbled over this thread while looking for a way to customize the message content for a payment request. When trying to achieve this without a payment gateway, the workaround I found was through a custom script

frappe.ui.form.on('Payment Request', {
    refresh: function(frm) {
        if (frm.doc.__islocal) {
	   frm.set_value('message', get_message(frm));

function get_message(frm) {
   var html = "<p>Dear customer</p>\n";
   html += "<p>The payment of invoice " + frm.doc.reference_name + " over " + frm.doc.currency + " " + frm.doc.grand_total + " has probably slipped your attention.</p>\n";
   html += "<p>Could you please kindly address this?</p>\n";
   html += "<p>Thanks you</p>\n";
   return html;

Maybe this is helpful to someone :wink:

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