Payment Request - Question


Consider that already 1 payment request exists for a Sales Order.

1- Why when a new payment request is submitted for the same Sales Order it contains 0.00€ value instead of fetching the sales order value?

Basicly, only the first payment request fetches the Sales Order value correctly.

Becuase if you create a payment request with the full amount and then create another time then it will show 0.

this is a bug

Is that how it is supposed to be?

Because, imagine I want to send different payment requests, with different payment gateways, then only the first one will have the correct value.

Even worse, If someone for some reason cancels the payment process, or loses the payment link, when they press pay again to generate a new payment request on the webshop and it will contain zero value instead of the value of the sales order.

Apparently since early versions of version 14.