Payment request without an item

Hi everyone, I have a little issue. Well I need do a payment request but without an Item, let me try be more clear. I need create an account payable to a supplier but without an Item. It’s like an Invoice without an Item.
Thanks for advance.


You can use the Payment Entry form to do so.
Go to Accounts >> Payment entry

Hope this helps.

Thanks for answer @ArundhatiS, but this way I’ll not generate an account payable and for example, if someone did the service but we don’t pay, with payment entry the system will understand that I’am do a payment but I’m not I’m just create an invoice without an item.
Thanks for advance.

I think you can use Purchase Invoice itself. In Purchase Invoice, “Item Code” is not mandatory, “Item Name” is. So, you can write the purpose of the payment in Item Name field and create the invoice.

@nabinhait That was the way that we thought. Anyway thank you for your help.