Payment Terms due date

Hi all-
Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this or wondered this…

When you create a payment terms template, there’s a field called “due date based on” but there’s not a supplier invoice date listed there. If I get a supplier invoice today, I’m not usually entering it for several days later. The terms should calculate from the bill_date I enter, not the day I’m entering the invoice because it could be days or even a week later?

How can I fix this to trigger the due date off the bill/invoice date on Purchase Invoices?

I think this is somewhat important. Payables aging is usually based on days from a suppliers invoice date. I dont see it as a bug as much as an oversight. Can you (or one of the moderators) change the Category of the thread to Buying so it might get noticed by the developers ?

Thanks! Just updated it. :slight_smile:

Should I post this as a bug or a request to fix on github?