Payment Terms on Purchase Order

I have a strange mismatch. I have 2 test benches, both running latest updates - seemingly setup identically.
version = ‘9.2.21’; version = ‘9.2.20’.

I actually copied the DB from the one into the other once I had it adequately set up,so all data & settings are a literal copy.

If I create an ideantical Purchase Order (same supplier, same items, qty, costs etc) on each of them, there is a slight difference in the layout.
One copy “insists” on including a “PAYMENT TERMS” block, which it wants filled in or won’t allow Submit.
One doesn’t have this and allows submit without any hassles.
both have the same T+C, letterheader and print format etc.
I haven’t (that I know of) created any customised items.

If I examine the DB entries on both, they look identical.
I have reloaded to clear cache on both

Any pointers welcomed


Thanks for the prompt reply @tundebabzy - I just saw that the one which is behaving strangely is set in developer mode, while the one that’s doing things predictably is in production mode :blush:
I’m sure it’ll sort itself out when I fix that.

For Info (in case this comes up for anyone else) - here’s the screen inside the P/O.

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