Payment tool doesnt fetch outstanding invoices

Hi All,

I am exploring the payment tool in accounts module(i have signed up for the free account on

If i create a sales order for a customer and then in payment tool if i choose party as customer and then choose the customer name and click on get outstanding voucher the sales order is listed in the table.

if i further create the sales invoice from the sales order and then go to payment tool the sales invoice is not fetched when i click on get outstanding voucher…

However in my local installation the sales invoice is fetched…

Can someone help me out!


First refresh that form and then check.
when i check on then its working fine .it taking sales invoice when i click on “get outstanding voucher”

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

@shraddha Could you please help me out a bit.
I have duplicated the payment tool, as a new doctype called “Billing” where I will create an invoice in which all outstanding sales invoices are fetched and printed with naming series, to send to the customer.

The steps are exactly the same as the payment tool, just I want to print them out and send to the customer with the sales invoices attached.

Is there a way to create a doctype with naming series, where all outstanding invoices are fetched?

Are you looking something like Customer Statement?

If so, just try modifying Account Receivable Summary report as Customer Statement which you can send to customers

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@jof2jc Thank you for your help, Yes that is exactly what I want, but with naming series, so we can keep track of the statements sent to the customer, is there anyway to have exactly the same as the “Account Receivable Summary” report, but in a new doctype with naming series. I have created the new doctype, and need a custom script to fetch the same data as the report. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.