Payment Variable

Good Afternoon for everyone
i pay the professionals daily, based on daily services of everyone, but i cant figure how to assing this kind of payments in erpnext

every employee has their own income account
they win the 75% of their income and 25% is for the company

i tried many ways but cant figure how to do it correctly

i pay them daily, and i cant figure out how to do it, there are so many options and i’m so confused, so i hope u can help me, example:

Fabiola did 10 consultation services, $12.000 CLP each, having a total entry for CLP$120.000 for that day, so i have to pay her CLP$9.000 for every service, giving a total of CLP$90.000, her income account is 4132 - Fabiola and Expenses 5132 - Fabiola, i’m doing it via Journal Entry Actually, but it’s not the same

i hope u can help me as always

Thanks in advance

You should first get familiar with the Payroll features of ERPNext, such as Salary structure and salary formulas.

Here’s the official setup guide: Payroll Setup