Payments Crediting , instead of Debiting bank account ---

Hi everyone,

So… I’ve been using ERPnext on autopilot, I don’t really look at reports… but a few days back I did and found out that when I make a payment, money gets into the account instead of out.

Thing is, when I make a payment I just replace the $$$ fields, I’m assumign ERPnext is doing the rest.
A typical payment looks like this;

Now the fields were auto added by ERP next…so I’d assume that ERPnext will deduct the 3.30 from my PayPal accouny statement, it didn’t, it actually added 3,30 to that account.

I did try moving the 3.30 under Paypal line to debit, but that invalidates the recipe.
So basically, according to ERPnext my account only have one way, and it’s up :smiley: , sadly it’s not how it really goes.

Someone please help me understand and solve this…
I think I’ll have to redo 2 years worth of payments… :frowning:

You really do not have to redo two years of work.

This is because ERPNEXT is doing the right thing.

When money leaves your bank account …you should credit your bank account.

When you pay money into your bank account you should debit your bank account.

This is the opposite of what the bank does. And that is how it is supposed to be.

The banks statement of account should be the opposite of yours …a mirror.

Thats the way accounting works.