Payments due to 30-60-90 days (Very common Spanish Local functionality)

Hi there team,

I’m implementing ERPNext in a Spanish Company and I found a very big issue. I explain myself:

Here in Spain, is vey common to split payments. For instance you could create a Sales Invoice with a payment method of 30-60-90 days, so the amount is divided. But for you it’s just one Invoice, no 3 different ones. On the other hand is common to check for the accountant the timetables where the incomings will arrive (though this could be checked with your Accounts Receivable report, so this may be no problem at all).

For instance, here you could check how Microsoft implemented this function for the Spanish market (Navision is very used here in Spain):

I think this is already developed in Odoo too:

I think there could be many potencial companies in Spain to be interested in this function to adopt ERPNext.

I would like to know:

- Is there any plan to implement something like this? I’ve havent found any solution in the forum, and neither too much information about this.

- Could it be suitable for developing this function? I’m afraid that this is the core of the program and it would be not easy to personalice by myself.

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while searching the forum for this kind of feature becasue we need to use it, I found several requests on this topic and in my opinion too this payment related feature is needed by a lot of companies in Italy : other erp already support it since time ago.

There is a time schedule to implement it ? Could it be availble in next months ?

Trying developing it on our side could it be doable ? becasue it seems to be affecting multiple aspects of core functionality as undelrined by rtimagine

please let us not your advise /feedbacks on this

thanks for your help


+1 it is a feature needed all over Europe, not only in Italy or in Spain.
In a BtoB world this is the most common payment.

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