Payments: Mollie integration

Frappe Payments is currently integrated with several big payment providers. However, one of the biggest providers for SME’s in Europe is currently not available. I would love to have a Mollie integration in Frappe Payments.

Is there someone who is able to get this to work? I have tried to work on this, but so far I was not able to get it to work.


coincidentally I mentioned this in a call with my agency manager today.

We also need this function for a customer for whom we are implementing a ERPNext POS/cash register function.

I’ll be happy to report back once we’ve clarified how and who will implement it.

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Hello Felix, I was wondering if you were able to get some clarification about implementing this integration?

Hi mrPauwHaan, we are currently in coordination with Mollie and are creating a business case with the SaaS department.

However, several integrations will be necessary because we need the Mollie POS terminal for the checkout function. Furthermore, the Mollie Dashboard transactions for payments should also be integrated.

For which use case do you need the Mollie integration?

We are currently only in need for a payment integration with webforms, as the payment module currently supports for other payment methods other than Mollie. That way we can sell tickets via our website.

I have created a Mollie integration for frappe payments to be able to handle payments via web forms.

See here the pull request:

Added a Mollie integration for Frappe webforms. Mollie is a big payment provider within Europe and, therefore, an essential for many SMEs who want to use Frappe for handling payments

  1. This update integrates Mollie as a payment method in web forms
  2. The user is automatically redirected to a checkout page to review the order, and a payment is automatically generated. It is necessary to have a field within your doctype called payment_id where the Mollie Payment ID is stored.
  3. The user will be redirected to the Mollie-hosted checkout page, so you can configure any payment method within Mollie and create your own checkout.
  4. When the payment is completed, the user is redirected back to the checkout page, where the payment status is verified with Mollie based on the stored payment ID. When the payment has expired, a new payment will automatically be generated on the checkout page.
  5. When the payment is completed, the payment url will not be available anymore, and the user will be redirected back to the webform redirect URL.

Optional: create a payment_status field where the status of the payment is automatically stored.
Optional: Use Mollie in test mode by using the test api key in the mollie settings page. Mollie automatically recognizes it as a test payment.