Paypal error about transaction currency and Payment Gateway

I’ve tested perfectly Paypal with sandbox account and got it working. Then realised that instead of euro, it would be better to go with dollars as item prices and changed the pricing via price lists. After that I put the Paypal functioning with proper keys and secrets.

I get an error:
ValidationError: Transaction currency must be same as Payment Gateway currency

Ok, then I thought I need to add USD as payment gateway account and also as an account in the charts. I did that but didn’t help, still complaining about the transaction currency. ERPNext should be multi currency, so by all means I would logically think that it knows to send the value in USD to Paypal.

It is possible that it somehow links to Payment Gateway in EURO still even if I added the Payment Gateway in USD too. How could I re-install Paypal totally? I was trying to take off all the values, save, restart the server but I believe something stays in the database existing anyway. Deleting Paypal totally and then putting it back could maybe solve this. I’m just wondering how it would work with other currencies then anyway.

Main thing would be to get it working with USD dollars now as it first worked already with EUR. Any ideas?

Check if your paypal account is configured to accept other foreign currencies. Generally, it accepts only your own currency.

In Paypal we have four different currencies listed in those settings in which you can make PRIMARY currency. Also changed PRIMARY currency to USD but that doesn’t help. Could it be some other setting? We do think that it is to do with ERPNext, it is sending the transaction currency wrongly. It was set up in EUR as we first installed PayPal, so if we could somehow remove the installation and then re-install it, probably all would go correctly.

Although ERPNext as multicurrency should understand anyway to send the sum in different currencies.