Payroll and new release version of ERPnext

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I tried payroll in Human Resources and got a good feel of it - but in the Salary Structure in the earnings type, the fields donot have formulas for many types like HRA, OT etc… - so basically we have to do it in a excel having all formulas and we have to duplicate it here again so that the ERP has it also as payroll should be part of ERP - to get salary register and journal entry and reference. If the employees are fifty or so … one can duplicate it - but if 100 plus are there - then it is a time consuming, so now my question is :- (1) Has any new release of ERPnext come with formulas in the Earnings fields.
(2) How do we know that a new release is there in ERPnext and how to download that particular added feature in our present working ERPnext please.

Am pretty sure the earnings and deductions components of the salary module allows for formulas. I use this extensively.

Can you give an example of the formulaes you want to use ?


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Many thanks for your below reply.

Okay you are correct,in my demo version, I have the field for Formula.

But the IT team downloaded in server, I think the v6 version as below.

How to update the same with the latest updated version of ERPnext.

  1. ERPNext powered by System Sector

v6.27.21 Previous versions | Sold by System Sector

In my ERPnext downloaded as above- the below screen appears - the earning box does not have any formula field :-

I think, the IT Team has to download the updated version of ERPnext.

Please help.

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Dear All
Sorry, this is in continuation of previous requests - please can you tell me, how to download the latest ERPnext version in the server, the IT Team needs some help as the download of ERPnext in Amazon server was I think Ver6 , hence many of the updates in ERPnext like formula in Payroll module is not available in the present download … please help.

Try the installation steps mentioned in here

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