Payroll and salary slip on V13

Dear contributors, developers and the rest.

I am fairly new to ERPNEXT but am having some issues I would like your precious help on.
I upgraded successfully to V13 and I am noticing some issues on the payroll/Salaries module.!
I am unable to create Salary slip and I am getting the attached errors.

I am not sure if I am the only one having this issue on this module.

Kindly review the screenshots I have attached below.

InkedScreenshot%202021-01-19%20211244_LI InkedScreenshot%202021-01-19%20211710_LI InkedScreenshot%202021-01-19%20213108_LI

How did you create the salary slips? Did you create them via payroll entry? Also as per the last screenshot, seems like there is no salary structure created and assigned to the employee. Kindly do so before proceeding to creating the payroll entry.

Follow the below steps:
Salary Component > Salary Structure > Salary Structure Assignment > Payroll Entry (salary slip).

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