Payroll based on Project Timesheets

Hello community,

We need to create a Salary Slip based on timesheets of each employee in a given project, but when we filter by project in the Salary Slip this fetches all timesheets of the employee not only the timesheets of the filtered project and doesn’t esteem if the TS is billable or not.


Example of use case:

Employees can work on more than one project, each project has a cost center associated with it.
When payroll is settled, it associates all employee timesheets to a single cost center (since only one cost center can be chosen when processing payroll).

As much as you filter by project, all timesheets for all projects are settled.

There are two possible solutions.
If you choose a project in the payroll process, in payroll slip just fetch the timesheets of that project, so they can be associated with their cost center.

Another option is to bring all the timesheets as you do now but not to use the payroll cost center process but to take the cost center of the time records.


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Hi @James_Robertson, great! but the activity cost it relate whit the cost center of the proyect right?

If done right yes, based on the project setup. Otherwise you can’t do any project accounting.