Payroll date and month date

Dear All,

I have to implement payroll.
My problem is that in my company payroll date is 26-25 of the month but in current erpnext payroll is process from 1-31 of the month.

If i want to process the payroll for oct-14 date will be count from 25-sep - 26-oct).
but in erpnext if i want to process payroll for oct-14 date will be count from 1-oct to 31-oct.

how can i implement it please advice.


Hi A.Rehman,

For now this feature is not available in ERPNext. Please add this feature request as issue on GitHub.


any update on custom date range for salary slips?

Did anyone find a solution for this?

Dear Community,

any update on this?? still ERPNext dont have any provision to generate payroll from 25 of previous month to 24 of current month.


Hi, you can do this in HR > Payroll Entry.
In Payroll Entry, in the Select Payroll Period section, you can enter the date. Check the screenshot below:

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