Payroll - Deduction Salary Components Formula is not working if it include another salary component abbr

Hello everyone ,
I want to raise an issue which discussed before without a solution.
The below formula is not working with me for Salary Deduction component :
(Basic + FirstAllow ) * .5 .
When I calculate the salary , it doesn’t calculate the deduction amount, while both of the Basic and FirstAllow components are calculated successfully .

Appreciate your quick feedback since it is urgent and all my customers are facing it .
Thank you in advance .

check you’re applying correct abbr of the fields.
for example for Basic Salary it is BS not basic. The formula works with abbreviations and not the full name.

Dear usmanalikhan ,
Thank you for your reply , my abbrv is right it is BS , my example is not accurate.
BS is calculating correctly, but when I use the BS Abbrv in a deduction component formula or any of the other components it doesn’t work .

Dear Nasser_Ghoul,

I have exactly the same problem as you. The calculation of the two components separately is successful, and the calculation of the abbreviations of these two components in the third component makes an error. Did you solve this problem afterwards?

Same Issue any solution?