Payroll enhancement

I think we shall add HTML table shows the employees who will create the Salary Slips for, it is appears when select the filter for employee.


Great idea. Please try and bring it to contribution standards :slight_smile:


@rmehta Ok thanks

@dufani1 Process Payroll filter for Employee? And html tables are already present, they appear whenever salary slips are generated.

Currently it will show the table only after creation but his request is,it should come while selecting employees before creating salary slip

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@hereabdulla right you are… This is what I mean

@dufani1 usecase??

@shreya115 I suggested adding filter for projects to filter employee based on timesheets for a certain project.

@dufani1 ,@hereabdulla
Design It looks like?

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but is the salary slip created based on the employee selected in that table??

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@sagar Would you like to send a PR for this? As I already started working on it. Also, can those fields in that child table be edited? Does the salary slip creation depend on any changes made on it?

also better to add one column for showing whether that addition or deduction is only for that month like for OT and other only one month addition or deductions.thanks

@sagar could we add filter in employee selection to filter employee based on time sheets for a certain project??
please advise