Payroll entry for single employee

Hi friends,

  1. How to run payroll entry for single employee?
  2. When we may payroll entry and get employees system is getting all employees but not allowing us to select employees for whom we want to run the payroll.
  3. We can make a salary slip for a single employee but how payroll entry will work? will it run payroll for that single employee again or not?

Upon creation of payroll entry, there are several criteria there, like Branch, Department, Designation
unless you select a specific criteria, it will get list of all employees.

So you can try to give that employee something like a unique designation. Hence select that designation as a criteria when creating payroll entry.

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can you tell me we have some another filter in payroll entry doctype to get fetch the get employees based on the filter.
Eg: Iam using a client field for payroll entry i used this and get employees based on client.