Payroll entry issue, Payroll entry is not complete

Hi I had wrote to discuss about the payroll entry in Erpnext because I think its not a complete entry and if there is any example you can provide us for the payroll first and second entry then it will be helpful

the payroll first entry should be like this.
And the second will be like this

But in Erpnext its showing like this.
So can you help us in it,

Hi, did you manage to resolve the problem? It’s a big problem for me to understand this topic because I’m a newbie in this. Most of all, I want to know how to make payroll for my employees and do it conform to all the rules. If someone here can help me with it, I will be very happy to discuss this topic with you. Please don’t judge because if it’s too obvious for you, I only start my career and want to learn everything step by step. A friend advised me to read an article about international payroll, which brought a little clarity, but I still have lots of questions. I’ll be waiting for your answers, and I hope you guys will respond.


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