Payroll Issue: Earnings & Deductions do not auto load after payroll entry

I have followed the process as below:

  1. Created Salary Component
  2. Created Salary Structure (added above component)
  3. Created Salary Assignment (with above structure)
  4. Created Payroll Entry and Create Salary Slips

Issue: Earnings & Deductions does not show up in salary slip (Draft)

Hi @patelpratik1988,

Please set an account in Salary Component

Then recreate or reload and check it.

Thank You!


Already did that. NO LUCK

Which version do you use?

Here it is

In this version, it’s working.
Please check.

Otherwise recreate a flow then check it.
or migrate your version.

Thank You!

Recreated the process by deleting everything and submitting it again. AGAIN NO LUCK

I use Frappe Cloud and couldn’t find option to migrate

I can give you access if you want??

First, take a backup with database, public and private files.

please login into frappe cloud.

Tried above but still stuck there. No change

I think, I am missing something during data filling which might be crashing.

Note: Also monitored console for JS errors but nothing

@NCP i’m interested in the app you’re using here. Can you point me to the app if it’s available to the public, please? Thanks.

After trying all of the above it did following:

  1. Created “Salary Slip” client script and used this code:
frappe.ui.form.on('Salary Slip', {
	refresh(frm) {
	    //get value from db
        frappe.db.get_value('Salary Structure', frm.doc.salary_structure,'*')
        .done((res) => {
            let message = res.message;
  1. Then upon checking Salary Slip page console I did not find “earnings” and “deductions” (as suppose to get).

  2. Then I created client script for “Salary Structure” and console.log the doc data and it showed “earnings” and “deductions” arrays.

Conclusion: Earnings and Deductions are some how not showing in salary slip due to actual data not been transferred.