Payroll Management

Dear ERP Next community users
how can i manage the payroll in ERP next?
there must be some tool to calculate income tax automatically in percentage based on their salary range,
there must be a tool that will calcualte overtime based on the countries rule like for holidays,night,weekend,and normal days over time,
there must be a tool to prepare salary slip for all employees in one click…and other issues must be also solved…please help us on this and if its on your road map…please inform us when it will be avialble…all other features of erpnext are best but on payroll we are still not good.thanks

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@Sachine_P1 you are right, but missed one smallpoint:

this one already available…

and what you are asking above is just 10% of what should be done but i dont think will be done soon unless you can sponsor it? or even participate in sponsoring it?

many users need improvements in the HR module and many things are missed because of lack of development to this section until now…

Can you make github issue with detail requirement?
Also please add What need to add in Salary Structure and Salary Slip.
What is Payroll rules need to follow.
Also add Weekly, Bi-Weekly option in Salary Slip.

+1 This would be great :grinning:

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thanks for your replayies,
for being sponsor i cant make it lonely but i can raise some amount…so please search other sponsors also and lets improve it.

how about making the issue on github to start getting information before raising the money…

some users in here do work hard for the best of everyone and could help each other to make the development easier

this issue is very vital issue,erpnext must be upgraded in payroll management area,it has a huge gap with other softwares and ERP’s in this area…so we must give a solution for this and,it will be better if the team can give a priority for this issue or find sponsor

its better in version 7 at least if we can add one functionality on calculating income tax automatically,at least if we upgrade on this we will do the next job in the coming new versions

Has a Github issue been opened for the detail requitement?

yes it has been opened