Payroll not showing in P&L

Hello all

I have set up payroll components (with associated accounts), payroll structure and sucessfuly processed payroll and generated accurate payslips.

However the payroll figures is not showing up in the associated accounts. My Salary expense account is empty and the deduction accounts is also empty.

Pay slips have been saved and submited

What step am I missing?? Am on V8


Hi @olamide_shodunke

Which type of account did you select on the earning and deduction components?

For the earnings I chose expense accounts

For the deductions I chose accounts payable accounts

Hi @olamide_shodunke

Then it should has to reflect in the P&L, seems accrual entry has not made. Did you saved and submitted the salary slips from the payroll process tool?

Yes I did

@rohit_w any other ideas please ? Can you replicate this at your end ?

@rohit_w sorry to bother you but I still do not have a solution for this


Hi @olamide_shodunke

I have checked and it’s working properly, I have created and submitted salary slips using tool “Process Payroll”.
See below screenshot, JV-00003 is the journal voucher for accrual entry

For payment:
Select payment account on “Process Payroll”, you will get an option to make bank entry

Hello @rohit_w

I have successfully executed all you stated above. The challenge is with the profit and loss account. Can you check your P&L account to confirm that the appropriate expense account was debited?


Hi @olamide_shodunke

Kindly check below screenshots

Accrual Journal Entry

Thanks Rohit

And this entry was automatically passed by the system?

what could I be doing wrong?


Difficult to address your issue, after submission of salary slip does system has generated journal entry for accrual? If yes can you please share the screenshot?

Thanks…I will do it and send to you in a few moments

@rohit_w i’m having exactly this same issue. I processed payroll and submitted payslips successfully but no journal entry for the payroll process was made by the system. i’ve double-checked every salary component to be sure they’re associated with an account and all seems to be fine except that no actual entry is made in those accounts. Could it be because the salary components were manually entered without using the fomula?

I’m having the exact same issue. Was it resolved for your scenario?
No salary accounting is occurring.

Any reply is appreciated.