Payroll Processing and Salary Slips

So, we’ve been evaluating ERPnext to see if it works for us and we have run into an issue. We are running it on aws using the bitnami image.

We create a payroll slip with 3 employees. We submit the slip, then we hit submit salary slips and initially received an error because wkhtmltopdf wasn’t installed. So we installed wkhtmltopdf.

Now when we select submit salary slip, it takes forever and finally gives us the attached error. image

Now, if you go into salary slips and check, the three slips are changed to submitted status, but if you click into them, 2 of them are now in paid status.

No idea where to start. I can already confirm that net pay is greater than 9 and email addresses are valid.

Hi and welcome,
Please share the version you are on, so we can try replicating this, also look for the trace in browser console.
You can also an create issue here

The ERPNEXT version from bitnami is 10.1.21-0. I’ll be trying an updated version today (to 10.1.36).

There’s nothing in the console other than:

WebSocket connection to ‘wss://addressremovedforprivacy/’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Invalid status line

Something interesting when I was trying it today. The first time nothing happened, it just hung on submitting salary slips and creating journal entry. So I reloaded, and did the same thing but almost immediately went to the error from above and all three test employee salary slip status’s were updated to paid.

Also, how do we know employee payables currently? How do we know who has a pending amount and who doesn’t? Right now all automated entries are one massive bulk entry providing no way of knowing who has been paid and who hasn’t, especially since the salary slips seem to be updated to paid without a payables entry even being made.

So we figured out what was causing it to hang. We hadn’t setup the email and email salary slips was selected.

But, now the salary slips were submitted, the journal entry against salary payables was made automatically but the salary slips are marked as paid. This goes back to my earlier question, if the slips are marked as paid, how do we determine who has pending payments and who doesn’t? Or is it supposed put the salary slips as draft until they salary itself is paid? If that’s the case the salary payables entry should be made before the slips are marked as paid. Not really understanding the logic behind this.


Hi! I have the same question.