PDF and HTML aligned on the left

I have a prudction inviroment in version 6 in Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 and all work fine, wen i create a invoice the format of print preview see fine and when i generate the pdf file looks great, but when i use the send email feature thrall the tex is aligned on the left en the PDF file that i receive.

Whats wrong?


It’s working fine at our end.

Can you share copy of PDF file with issues in alignment? Also provide ERPNext version no. running at your end. Please ensure its up to date.

Thks for you response,

i put in this message 2 images, 1 is from online page thats this correct, and the other from the pfd that a received from email, this one is not correct.

i see some interesting thing, i use Spanish language, in online version the invoice look in spanish, but in email pdf the language is in english.

Are you using port based multi-tenancy?

No, is stand alone install

Add this in your site_config.json

“host_name”: “http://yourerpnextsite

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Done but it gives me server error


I got it solved after adding my site to site_config.json please
follow the instructions in the below link and make sure to add a comma. This Link