Pdf color output

Quotation and invoices output are not able to take color . This is a very serious issue , as one of business’ major activity of sending quotes to clients. I want to be presentable and good looking quotation with colors. The other script on which it depends does not have support . Please advice what to do .

You can make your own print css and show the colours you want!

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can you please elaborate how , i tried the following

i did inline css
i edited bootstrap.css
i tried styling from print format editor
i tried from css with styling in @media print too.

dont know whats left . generating pdf and sending quotes are very important function of my business , if i cannot do this then i will not be able to use erpnext . please help .

or is there a way we can shift to use someother script for pdf generation.

Difficult to say anything without able to look at your style. Really hard to expect any kind of help if you rant rudely without sharing your problem clearly. No one is forcing you to use erpnext! :slight_smile: