Pdf(desk->issue) not showing as print to pdf from customer support portal

Is there a way to make pdf to show correctly?

image with pdf click from desk issue

the pdf that must normally look like

Fixed by:
edit pdf.py /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/utils → for page view pdf size in options.update() of def prepare_options
“page-height” : “29.7cm”,
“page-width” : “21.0cm”,
and margins

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@ene_sorin- I’m glad you resolved the issue and shared the solution.

Is your printout using a custom jinja code? If so - may you kindly share ?

Yes, it’s custom jinja, but if you need help, I/we are glad to act as a community and provide assistance.
Let me know your skype or WhatsApp so we can discuss and help if possible.

Here is link to a blog post that has the detailed jinja code I was looking for: ERPNext Sales invoice custom Print Format – Trent's blog