Pdf Download Error

when trying to view pdf from print page

Even i have another site on port 88 working fine

Looks like whatever you were trying to download as a PDF is quite complicated and took too long to get rendered

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Yeas but any solution

Is there a picture / image in the document or letter head that you are trying to print?

Check if the images are uploaded as public. Maybe its because of that.

First diagnose the problem - maybe check the logs?

Witch log file related with this problem

To start check say frappe-bench/logs/worker.error.log or /var/log/mail.log

You may need to dig a bit in other log files…

Thanks for your reply
but nothing from this logs files is useful

Yeas when i remove the image it’s working so how i can print pdf with image without error

@Alaa_Badri Did you upload the image as private or public?


Sorry for the delay. Make the uploaded file public or upload it again as public.

There seems to be a problem with private files in PDF creation.