PDF generation doesnt show SOME images

Hi Experts,
I make a new doctype and insert a child table with image field. I design a print layout and all is ok so far. But when I generate the pdf , some images print and some dont. All images are same extention and render ok in the table, also in the print preview they look ok. The strange thing is the behavior with the pdf render. Any clue what to look for regarding this??
Im using:
Frappe VM with

ERPNext: v10.1.5 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.2 (master)

Emailed PDF Documents might be helpful here too

Hi, no in this case :slight_smile: because some images render ok but some dont

Maybe post an example so the community can see what you mean. Most of us like pictures and log files :smile:

are all your images Public ?

yes they are :grinning:

This is how the images look in PDF, line one is ok, line 2 a blank square, line 3 row does not have image associated (render ok)

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I was having the same problem as well. I found some answers here:

Hope it helps!

High resolution images don’t render sometime. Lower the resolution and upload.
If the images are through a weblink then check it. Maybe the source is no longer available.

Thanks I will try your advices