Pdf generation not works

I installa new ERPNEXT system on ubuntu-16.04.3-server, but when i try to exraxt a pdf of documents, the page rest in loading untill the timeout with this message:

504 Gateway Time-out

nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu).

Anyone can help me?


This seems to be a popular issue with no direct communication on how to resolve it. I’ve had this issue since i started using ERPNext and having scoured the internet for weeks trying to fix the issue, i’ve given up and moved on. While it will be great to have the system auto-generate pdf documents, i’ve resorted to doing so manually until someone posts a solution to pdf printing on ERPNext.

Besides this though, it is an amazing piece of software put together by a dedicated team and as i have continued to use it, i have found it to be more robust than even the reviews i have seen make it to be.

How do you manually generate PDF? Thanks for helping.

I have a pdf printer software installed in my system and i print to pdf from the UI. The process is manual so i have to do this for every single transaction. It’s cumbersome but i have no other choice at the moment.

Hi, I installed the system few month ago on another server and I didn’t have this problem, so I think is some configuration problem