PDF genertion bug in cloud version of ERPNext

I observed a bug when Sales Invoice (Draft) it exported to PDF via print.

The GST calculations get mixed up with the items table.

I am accessing the PDF export as follows

When above button is clicked the print preview comes up perfectly as below.

But when we click on the PDF button at top (shared in Yellow) to generate PDF the generated PDF file is messed up.

Help → About shows this.

Please help solve this problem.

This is by design.

Taxes calculated by the taxes and charges template are the sum of all taxes irrespective of the tax rate.
This is just for presentation.

If you want a breakup, please refer to the HSN-Wise breakup table. It will give a breakup by HSN and tax rates.

I know, but the Tax calculations don’t show up separately in the exported PDF.

They get jumbled up with the item list.

You can include HSN-wise breakup table in print format by customizing your print format.

The PDF button uses wkhtmltopdf library, which unfortunately breaks the formatting.

Instead click on print

and use “Microsoft Print to PDF” option as shown below.

This will hold up the formatting.

Do let me know how it goes.

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Yes this did work.

But on the top and bottom of each page there are many unwanted text lines like Customer Name, URL, Date & Time, etc.

Can we get rid of this?


Uncheck this option and you will be set.

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