PDF image not displaying for a custom print format for a Sales order

Hi all,

I have my site_config.json configured properly; SSL with valid certs in place, everything has been fine. We have also been printing sales order contracts via PDFs fine as well. We recently added a custom image field that has the sales rep’s signature saved so that we do not need to print out the document to sign.

The problem is, when the preview is anything other than the PDF output, the image shows up fine. However, in the PDF itself, it is not there. Any suggestions?

P.S., here’s my site config. Maybe I am missing something?

{ "db_name": "dbname", "db_password": "dbpass", "dropbox_access_key": "pubkey", "dropbox_secret_key": "seckey", "host_name":"https://portal.domainname.com", "ssl_certificate": "/path/to/my/server.crt", "ssl_certificate_key": "/path/to/my/server.key" }

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Your image needs to be public and with a full url (not relative url)