Pdf print all data aligned towards left

All my data is aligned toward left while printing in pdf
any help on this
pdf print shows allright
but the paper print alignment is towards left
i have gone through the forum but without any result
This is for my sales invoice
i have not used the standard
i have created a custom print format
Please help
its very critical

solved the issue by editing .json file

Hi @krishnanhemanth,

Can you please share what exactly did you edit in the .json file.
Was it a custom print format or designed by using the builder?


Hi keshav
if you have acces to .json file then ( you can access .json file thru filezilla)
edit the file
here is the sample
add the following after db password
“host_name”:“http://localhost:8080”, (iam working on windows with virtualbox)
yes it is a custom print format