Pdf rendering issue with custom html

I have put a custom html in a custom print format
the code fetches the gst values in to cgst, sgst, igst and puts the values in a column
it does the job
put when i print in pdf, the column and the details appear in pdf but the values are not showing
any help please


Can you share you code ?

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thanks for the reply
iam not able to share the code
when i copy paste the code here, it just shows blank

<table class="table table-bordered">
        <th class="text-right">CGST</th>
        <th class="text-right">SGST</th>
        <th class="text-right">IGST</th>
    {%- for row in doc.items -%}
           <td class="sgst{{loop.index}}">Nil</td>
        <td class="cgst{{loop.index}}">Nil</td>
        <td class="igst{{loop.index}}">Nil</td>
    {%- endfor -%}

this is the code i used

Why are you using loop.index instead of row.index?

hi Helio_jesus
row.index returns NIL value

this is what i get when i click the print button

when i click the pdf button, this is what i get