"Pending Qty" in custom Sales Order report and closing items in Sales Order


I had a couple questions regarding sales orders:

  1. We have made a custom report based on sales orders using report builder. We are able to pick a column for “Delivered Qty” but we are unable to find anything for “Pending Qty”. The “Pending Qty” field is available in the Sales Order Analysis Report (by the name “Qty to Deliver”). Is there any way we can add such a field in the custom report based on Sales Orders?

  2. Is there a way to close an item in a sales order instead of closing the entire sales order? Currently, we have to manually keep track of the items that are closed because I could not find a way to close an item in the Sales Order. The alternative would be to close the entire Sales Order and create another Sales Order without the item that needs to be closed but that’s very tedious.

Thanks for your help!