Per-Item Profitability with continual expenses

Hello Everyone!

Basically, we need to know per-item profitability, and if break-even has been reached, for a non-manufactured product that our client sells. The catch here is the cost price keeps increasing with expenses, say advertising costs, exhibitions etc.

So let’s say, the product is a book and to procure 1000 books, it costed 50000rs.
i.e each book costed 50rs. But then after 3 months, we ran ads and it cost 20000rs.
And rented a space in an exhibition that costed 10000rs.

Now these also have to be added to the cost price of the books, so that we can get the actual profitability of the item.
There are approx 100 items.

How do we proceed to achieve this?

This is a financial allocation problem. The way you achieve it in ERP depends on your cost allocation rule/process you define for your additional expenses.

Can you point what are the different cost allocation processes in ERPNext that I can use?

For further information search the user manual for cost center wise allocation.