'Per Material' Price List on BOM?


I am evaluating ERPNext for a client (this may be first question of many :smile: ). Business model is engineer-to-order based on customer blueprints. So every order submitted has its own BOMs, based on their database of 85k parts (and growing).

This client does not maintain inventory of raw materials; Multiple supplier RFQs go out with every customer RFQ to refresh their supplier price lists, so every item on a BOM is correlated to a specific supplier, for that BOM only. So, the item price on a Customer Quote is always a function of BOM total, which is based on any number of supplier price lists.

What would be involved in disabling the ‘Rate Of Materials Based On’, which only allows a single price list across the entire BOM, and instead assigning a price list to each item directly?


Welcome to forum. Thanks for the detailed explanation of your requirement.

Feature of “Rate of Material Based On” cannot be disabled by configuration setting. This will require you getting this feature customized from our partner, or from any technical expert around you.

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