Percentage wise sales Invoice

how to issue invoice as percentage wise

we sales 80 pcs @ 348.57= 27885.60,

now we need to issue invoice 60% against material delivery.= 27885.60*60% = 16731.36

kindly guide us how we can make the Invoice like that.

I’m not sure but try this:

Create delivery note of the 60% material delivered.

Then from that delivery note, create a Sales Invoice invoicing just that.

Let us know if this works for you.

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we delivery 80 pcs per pcs price is 348.57= so total is 27885.6=*60%= 16731 i need to issue invoice.

No problem create delivery note of 60% of the quantity [this will affect your stock]

then create invoice from this delivery note from the make button at the right top corner

Yes I have the same type of situation where I’d appreciate some guidance.
I have a sales order, but in order to help cash flow, I need to submit an invoice for the agreed 30% as it takes 30 days to receive payment after I submit the invoice. Its so I don’t have to act as a bank and sit on $100,000 worth of product until its all built and delivered. The delivery note invoice makes sense, but I need to make an invoice day 1 of the new sales order to get some money coming. No stock has been received, and purchase orders to suppliers haven’t gone out yet.

I read about using payment entry, which would work, but I was hoping the erpnext software would generate a nice looking invoice for an amount (or percentage) i specify and track that against the outstanding total.

Payment entry assumes you’ve invoiced the customer for some amount, and they mailed you a check based on that invoice. So a solution involving payment entry only works if a customer agrees to pay you money without receiving an invoice…which is not a likely scenario.

Does my ramblings make sense to anyone?

Thank you