Performance expectations (v13)

Just installed v13.0.0-beta.9 on a digitalocean 4vcpu-8gb machine (located close to where I am)
Reloading desk#workspace in Safari gives me the below response-times.
Clicking around in this (so far) empty instance feels quite slow. Item view (with one created item) is even slower. The dream here would be sub 200mS page-load ‘all-in’ regardless of view…! :slight_smile: doable!?

Perhaps some debug stuff enabled that I can turn off, but just wanted to checkin on what is a reasonable response-time on normal page-loads.

Also curious if there are any tools to bulk-create a vast amount of data, like 50.000+ items, order entries, etc. for additional testing.

Let me know if / how I can help profile things.



did you try develop branch? does it have any improvements.

Hi, I can try, but had some issues creating the demo-data fixture (wanted to use a known data set to do the performance testing with). Will that work with develop?