Performance Upgrade, moving slowing install to v9

The final patches are being installed, I really hope skipping the desktop icons wasn’t a bad move, else will have to create the table and try running those patches if the desktop becomes unstable as per icons.

I don’t remember doing this Sir… any way I skipped some lol. What do you think about skipping the desktop icons?

skipping patches is not a good idea since there were many database structure changes especially between v6 and v7

Alright, after this run, I’ll uncomment and rerun, in the case of this desktop icons table that didn’t ever exist, do I have to manually create? the scripts cannot create this database? Can bench update --patch fix it?

what is the patch name that you skipped?


#execute:frappe.db.sql(“delete from tabDesktop Icon where module_name=‘Communication’”)
#execute:frappe.db.sql(“update tabDesktop Icon set type=‘list’ where _doctype=‘Communication’”)
#frappe.patches.v8_0.fix_non_english_desktop_icons # 2017-04-12

error examples:

frappe.exceptions.ValidationError: Options must be a valid DocType for field Print Style in row 16

raise errorvalue

_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘submit_on_creation’ in ‘field list’”)

You can try this to rebuild your desktop icons.

bench --site site-name reload-doc desk doctype desktop_icon

O great, that’s after the patches right? because it’s still on, the data is truly large. Thanks.

So this will essentially build the table and add all files needed

Just tuned in…Looks like you are very close :slight_smile: Excellent Stuff.

Let’s hope it does.

If it fails, you could just copy the desktop icon table from a clean V9 site database.

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Yep. Old school patching style… Not that pretty but works all the same :slight_smile:

thanks a lot. really tough but good experience

ok, pls you’ll guide me on this…

What is your current status?

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Good News! the update worked! it took almost 10 hours to do, so I just want to power up and test the modules.


ok so great; submission takes about 3 seconds, perfect, perfect, I only see that the reports now time out. So reports like trial balance, gross profit, pal, they all time out, but on the other one they generate, maybe I need to do some more optimization, will also try generating for very short periods like 3 days

any suggestions on how to make the reports generate? pos is faster but reports are slower.

you can try bench config http_timeout and increase the timeout

is this performance with the fully loaded database?