Performance Upgrade, moving slowing install to v9

Thanks, I’ll do this. same database Sir.

I’ve increased to 600 and restarted supervisor, let me give feedback

What ? 3 Sec without any underlying code optimisation? Yeah Boy !!! Fist Pump

What reports are slow?

I’ll try all the operations that were slow, like PRs, there are drafts on the system, POs, stock entries, so we see the all-round efficiency

I was simply perplexed! at first I thought… impossible, but yes! it submitted nicely! fist pump really! 3 secs

after invcreasing timeout to 600, reports also generate!! this feels so good. now to document submissions.

Am following this thread like a TV Series.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

Congrats @noetico

Let’s have a full report on all activities tested

Yes, documents submit quickly too, 5 seconds even for old reports! GOOD STUFF, GOOD STUFF, but I think it does what we have asked them to do manually, bring the posting date current, I observe the dates are all brought to today. Its fine for me, I think most people can live with that. what’s the gain in inserting stock you left as draft, better import it today, fine for me,. all looks well, upgrades begin Sunday on live sites. BIG THANKS TO EVERY ONE AND THE ERPNEXT TEAM

I want to keep a copy for more testing and attempt to clear company data on such a large set, let me see how it goes.

LOL! its really interesting, kept me up all night, moving from 6 to 9 is not for the faint hearted lol. will post my steps and help anyone still using old versions.

I skipped about say 15 patches, I don’t see any errors anywhere yet, but will keep testing.

lol now you should learn your lesson keep up with updates, it is much easier to update to the next version than to update after skipping view versions. Also, now we can be more objective about performance not like the last topic when you were on v6.

yep yep yep, now I have to convince them to give me 6 to 8 hours to update hahahahaha, I think it will be worth it. Also let the team just look at making the reports any faster, no big deal but if possible, great, but for me, perfect, just thinking for clients, but they should also understand big data needs time to analyze and output

Again the updates were failing so I was always careful to shutdown a client and then the exercise fails. but this will be done.

Click on Edit Posting Date and Time to give the user to submit a non current invoice.



Wouldn’t that just be because you did that with your old version? From tomorrow maybe not?

Very good idea to delete as much historical company cruft as possible.
Maybe go through V9 settings and fill in new features too?

LOL no sleep for the geek

No that will be easy… Just show them the speed difference AND BILL THEM PROPERLY for the upgrade… Who knows you might make enough to throw some cash back into core POS/Report SQL optimisation…
You should probably grab some sleep :slight_smile:

in practical maintenance especially with a huge client like yours, you should never operate on the live system directly. You should have a test server where you take a snapshot of the live system, and do all your updating and testing. When you are satisfied about updating and testing, then you proceed to update the live system after business hours.

I followed the entired episode and it is highly interesting that the problem is solved.Kudos to the Team and the community.It means that medium size organisations can use erpnext.So we should not fear of performance if the sql size is up to 5Gb?

Upgrade steps for anyone moving from an old version like 6 or 7

first thanks to everyone who has helped with this, motivation, code, direction, well appreciated, I wish I could pay back somehow haha

install psutil if absent or fails…

  1. sudo pip install psutil

  2. remove nodejs, sudo apt-get remove nodjs

  3. install nodejs v6, v8
    – install curl, sudo apt-get install curl
    curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

  4. bench update --reset
    You may have errors with new columns in doctype, add columns and proceed…
    so… from frappe-bench do
    bench mysql

THEN… these 2 were needed for my case… so…

ALTER TABLE tabDocType ADD COLUMN restrict_to_domain VARCHAR(40)
THEN optionally:
7. bench build
8. bench migrate, [not recommended, but I found no issues yet] skip carefully patches in apps patches.txt files found in apps/frappe/frappe/patches.txt, similar location for erpnext patches. ** The skipping proved a necessary evil, because I realized this is the reason I never got any updates to work** thanks to @H_N for this insight. So edit document, save and enter bench migrate again, update will progress.

once done, you’re ready.

depends on your data, some patches will take a while, like some invoice and inventory patches such as adjusting valuation for negative inventory, took a while due to the sheer amount of negative inventory.

haha, I am really thinking of a way; but things with clients over here can be funny, you see once you implement software with many clients in this part of the world, its your responsibility to optimize for life! or they’ll tag your system slow and inefficient… ridiculous… butI;ll do as you have said and see the outcome. thanks again.