Period Closing Voucher not working for me

Hi, I’m trying to close my 2016 fiscal year.

  • I created 2017 and make it default.
  • them I created a Period Closing Voucher:
    Posting Date: 31-12-2016
    Closing Fiscal Year: 2016

and for the closing account head I have tried everything, (equity accounts, Liabilities) I tried all the accounts and i got the same results.

The Income - expenses gets posted to the selected account (as expected)
but when i go to the Balance sheet Report i get the “Previous Financial Year is not closed”

and the closing amount is under "Unclosed Fiscal year Profit / Loss (credit)

I have no idea what i’m doing wrong. please help !!!

thanks in advance.

Sorry for the issue and thanks for report it. Issue was at our end, and we have made required fix. The release process has just started. Will request you to check if issue is resolved in about 30-40 mins.

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