Period plus number as unit of measure

Hi Folks,

We run a training company and we have batches with multiple participants across multiple days.
Currently we do it like -
Description Qty. Price Total
Batch 1. (10 Participants for 5 days) 50 200 10000

but we would like it to be -

Description Days Qty. Price Total
Batch 1. 5 10 200 10000

This way it’s clear that its 10 qty (num. of participants) for 5 days.

This has to be available across the complete flow - right from the opportunity to invoice

Any ideas on how this can be achieved

You will need to create a custom field for days in your child table and then override the calculations that erpnext does by default. You many need some customization to achieve this.

If you do not want to customize, you will need to create separate Item Codes for the same and use accordingly.

Hi Pawan,

I am new to erpnext, any pointers on where i can get this help from… any paid consultants who charge by the hour where we can get our queries resolved.


You can post your job requirements here