Permanent CPU usage for process

This process:
“frappe.utils.bench_helper frappe schedule”
is eating 80-90% of CPU all the time - which looks to me (as a novice in the framework) as if something is scheduled that it is trying to do and not getting done.

Can I stop this?
Is it perhaps a use-case problem? - Could I check what is in the scheduled queue to do and perhaps remove it? Or tune it so it doesn’t do (or need to do) whatever is taking so long to do?

I don’t mind it needing some resources, but for the last few years running ERPNext on Frappe cruised along at 1 to 10% CPU usage with some occasional large blips. I have not seen it consuming this much for this long.

Also, I am fully prepared to accept it’s my doing or some problem in my setup, but I need some help to find the problem.
Many thanks.

Edit: Screenshot of process: