Permission by user

Hi everyone, I’m with a little issue I want to know where’s the data of the “User Permission Manager”, for example I want the scrawled data to be more specifically I want the data of the column “Is”

Thanks for advance

Hi everyone I get answer with a little and simple function I don’t know if will help someone but here’s the function

def accounts_allowed():

accounts_allowed = frappe.db.sql_list(""" SELECT name
						FROM `tabAccount` ac
						WHERE ac.group_item = 'Caixa' """)
i = 0
while i < len(accounts_allowed):
	account = frappe.get_doc("Account", accounts_allowed[i])
	account.flags.ignore_permissions = False
	user = frappe.session.user
	if frappe.permissions.has_permission(doctype="Account", ptype="read",, user=user, verbose=False) == True:
	i += 1
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