Permission control by ip address?

I gonna set up erpnext on aws cloud with a public ip address.

So that our employee can access our erpnext.

But the problem is the accounting module.

My boss does not want to open the accounting module on public.

Our accounting team should have two user id to login erpnext system for now.

Employee ID can access erpnext on the public.

Accounting User ID can not access erpnext on public. Only they can login our intra- network.
Use Restrict IP on User

Is there any better idea to control permission by ip address?

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You can setup VPN between AWS and your intra network. In ERPNext restrict two accounting IDs to login only from VPN Host.

Thanks for your idea.
Is it possible to use one ID and different permission by the network?

Like a below
In case of intra network our user can login Accounting module.
But on public network our user can login without Accounting module.

Any good idea?

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Hi, You can get ip address from tabUser